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A Tale of Two Kitties

Once upon a time there lived a princess with long, flowing red-gold hair and possessing beautiful big gold eyes.  She lived well with her family who expected little of her, but pampered her in every way.  Her days were filled with kind words, gourmet food, a warm and comfy bed, and all the stroking and caressing she could handle.  She was a trusting, loving, happy individual.  Her attitude was definitely "What, me worry.  Life is good."

Across the tracks another of her kind lived.  This creature's hair was a mixture of black and gold which she kept short.  She was orphaned and had to fend for herself.  Often there were days with not enough to eat and she was reduced to scrounging in dumpsters or begging for hand-outs.  The streets were so scary.  There were many others like herself in desperate need.  This would often lead to arguments and down right fights for food or a safe place to hang out.  In one of those fights, the little orphan was injured which resulted in a permanently notched ear.

Chance changed everything for these two different beings.  The little princess's family developed health problems and had to send her away as they could no longer care for her.  Likewise, the little orphan's life took a turn, luckily for her, for the better.  Both the princess and the orphan found themselves in a place that penned them up in beautiful glass rooms with trees.  But none the less they were in cages.  No longer free to roam.

One day two grown women came to the place with the glass cages and fell in love with both the princess and the orphan.  They were removed from their captivity and after a harrowing ride in a box were given a new home.  Both could now enjoy being pampered, loved, caressed and well fed.

Now here is the Knotty Problem:  The little princess just wants to play with the little orphan--frolic, play games of tag, and just plain hang out together.  But the little orphan still sees play as being chased and pursued.  Can the little orphan ever find the trust she has never known?  Can she learn to look at life as fun?

And so in this "Tale of Two Kitties"  we shall have to wait for the end.

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